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A Batty Day!


  • Bat Bumps
  • Brain Thinkers
  • News & Views
  • Large Bowling
  • Craft Creations: Pumpkin Treat Container
  • All About Bats–75 Interesting Facts About Bats
  • Right Off the Bat Puzzle
  • The Curse of Dracula– Bela Lagosi
  • Here’s a Bat Crossword Puzzle



  • Afternoon Stretch
  • 2:00 Trip to Macculloch Hall in Morristown “Canals of NJ”
  • The World of Dracula– Man More Than Myth
  • The Legend of Transylvania
  • Blind as a Bat– Eyes Have it!
  • Last Blast: Scattergories
Earlier Event: October 6
Tuesday, October 6th
Later Event: October 8
Thursday, October 8th