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Election Day


  • Election Exercises
  • Brain Thinkers
  • News & Views
  • Table Bowling
  • Tuesday Trivia
  • Stress Free Art: Thanksgiving Greeting Cards
  • The History of Election Day
  • Election Trivia
  • Your Vote Counts: The Election Process,Drama Club “Vote for Me”
  • Five Fun Facts About Election Day
  • Hop on the Band Wagon Slide Presentation


  • Afternoon Stretch
  • 2:00 Music Therapy with Jennifer
  • This Year’s Election News
  • Erroneous Headline
  • “Dewey Defeats Truman”
  • A Closer Look into the Candidates- Hilary Clinton & Donald Trump
  • The Story of the Democratic Donkey and the Republican Elephant
  • Last Blast: Outburs 


Earlier Event: November 7
Monday, November 7th
Later Event: November 9
Wednesday, November 9th