• When is the time right?

The decision to have your family member attend an adult day program can be difficult.   All too often  family members wait far too long before trying a social day program.  You should consider an adult day center if you need a break from caregiving, or are working, and want a safe, comfortable place for your family member to spend the day. 


  • What if my loved one is unsure about attending?

At the center our staff is trained to deal with these situations whenever they arise. The Director  and rest of the staff will work with the family so as to make a smooth transition to the day program.


  • Does my loved one have to attend on the same day?

We prefer that our clients “slot” into the same days each week, however we are understanding that at times there need to be changes. Flexibility is key and changes may be made with advance notice.  Changes in scheduled attendance requires written notice or email notification.


  • What are the program hours?

The program operates Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Extended hours are always available upon request.


  • Can my loved one attend the program if they are in a wheelchair or are incontinent?

We welcome clients with a variety of physical and cognitive limitations.  Victorian Garden is totally ADA accessible and the staff is trained in the assistance with activities of daily living.  We offer full incontinence care and assistance with meals.


  • Is there transportation available?

The center does provide transportation and there is an additional fee for that service which is dependent on the time and distance. We encourage family members to transport their loved one whenever possible.  We will however attempt to meet the needs of all our clients.  If we are unable to transport we will provide you the names and numbers of services that you may contact such as New Jersey Transit’s Access Link. 


  • Are meals offered?  What about special diets?

At Victorian garden we offer a light breakfast and a full, hot lunch that is completely homemade.  We do not serve processed foods.  Therefore, is your family member is on a special diet for health or religious reasons, a hot substitute is always available.



  • What is the cost?

The daily rates are available upon request. The daily rate includes all other fees except for trips to the theater or an off-site lunch.  Special rates are available to all those who meet the financial criteria.  There is also funding available the Statewide Respite Program, the New Jersey Alzheimer’s Grant Program and the MLTSS program.  Long term care insurance may be applicable.


  • Does everyone have to be on social media – our Facebook Page?

Our facebook page is only for those clients whose family members have given total permission for their posting on social media which is only our facebook page.  Our page gives our families a real insight into what is done on a daily basis.  It is also an information page for links and caregiving events.