“…Thank you for EVERYTHING! You have been a second family to Fay over the last few years, and our family feels truly blessed to have discovered such a gem as Victorian Garden in our own backyard.  You and your staff are why it was so hard to make the decision to move Fay…you are a terribly hard act to follow…almost impossible really!!! What a beautiful thing to dedicate your life to!!!...” Sarah (and Fay too)


“…Thank you for your warm and tender care of Aaron…the day I found you was the day I took my first step toward some freedom…” Elaine S.


“…Sam’s time at the VGADC party is the high point of his week.  We very much appreciate all your work to make sure all the different clients with all their different needs have a wonderful day!...”Martha C.
“…Since Mom has been attending her “club” there has been a marked improvement overall…Thank you for all the loving care you provided Cathy.  It’s just as simple as that. You gave her a purpose and a circle of friends….a quality of life that shall always be treasured in our hearts…You are all very special people who worked not only with your hands but with your hearts…”  John & Vera C.


“…I want to express my sincere thanks for the love and care provided to my Mom.  For nine years she enjoyed her stay with you and I received tremendous support….”Jim McG.


“We often looked out our back window to the beautiful woods, knowing in the distance beyond the blue mountains in the setting sun was Victorian Garden…A place Mom felt   she belonged, like a second family…” Julie B.
“…I am so grateful for all the love and support you gave me and George.  I don’t think there’s a finer center to be found…”  Denyse R.


“…Your staff is exceptional in their sensitivity and ability to demonstrate interest and affection to the elderly…Mom said, ‘this place saved my life; it is a lifesaver.’  And so indeed you are…”  Judy S.


“…Ann Joan spent many happy hours with you.  You helped me get through these past years and were always generous with your concern, care and time.  I will never forget how good you have been to the two of us.  With gratitude and affection…”  Joe I.


“…We wanted to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude for the wonderful care you gave June over the past few years.  Your expertise, support and encouragement enabled us to provide her with the highest quality of life.  Please know that we are most appreciative of your professionalism and thoughtfulness…”   Tom D. and Family